Financial Portfolio Management System (FPM) has passed through a few development cycles in response to user requirements since the release of the first version in 1987. Today FPM has grown into a mature and functionality rich product which mimics the established habits and practices of investment managers.

FPM is particularly suitable for start up operations due to its low entry cost and unlimited growth path. Presently, FPM users range from one to twenty work-stations, though there is no upper limit. Many FPM users have started with the Back Office and added further modules as their business has expanded. Others have started with the Order Management and Compliance modules. Some users have put greater emphasis on the accounting functions from the beginning. So, for FPM users it is very much horses for courses.

We have witnessed a few fashions and cycles in the investment business since 1987 through the eyes of FPM. Here is a selection of case histories.

Fund Managers

Hedge Funds

Family Office

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Investment Trusts

Broker Dealers

CTAs / Managed Futures